Our Services - In Depth

Here are some of the services we offer.
Computer Repair
We can troubleshoot and repair current parts and replace those not repairable. This is a flat fee for the diagnostic. All parts and/or replacements are billed at cost. We do not make a profit off parts. We may also suggest what is more cost effective for you, as well. If the diagnostic and part repair exceeds a straight replacement, we opt for the best and least expensive solution. This is about you being satisfied and paying the least amount necessary. A happy customer is a return customer!

File Recovery
We can provide basic and advanced file recovery. Contrary to popular belief, when you delete a file to the "trash bin" in Windows, the file still exists. We can recover most all data. These services includes simple software methods, forensic methods and as a last resort physical methods.

Depending on the degree of difficulty, recovering the data is relational to the price we charge. Some recoveries take minutes and others take days. It all depends on your need.

Home & Business Networking
Do you need to be able to have one or more of your computer to be able to talk to each other? Do you need or want to share one printer from multiple computers? We can handle all this and more. Did you want to share files with your other computers? Do you want your entire computer on the Internet from one connection? We can do that too. Do you have something specifically in mind that you want to do, but don't know where to start? We can sit down with you and go over your needs and desires. We can even set you up to print to your home printer from any location! It is our goal to make sure you get what YOU want.

System Upgrades
We can assess and check your system for upgrade viability and recommend parts or replacement. Most systems can be upgraded to an extent. Some proprietary systems cannot be upgraded beyond just an increase in memory. Custom-built computers always have the advantage of being upgrade friendly. Whatever your need, we are confident we can successfully fulfill your technical needs.

Some examples of upgrades are:
Video Card
Add Firewire or USB 2.0 Support
Larger Hard Drive / Additional Drive
CDRW Drive Installation
DVD/RW Drive Installation
Any other hardware piece you can think of!

Tutorials / Help Me!
First and foremost, we are users just like you. We understand that not everyone is a "Computer Geek", so we can speak and explain to you in plain English. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate with our customers. We can show you how to do just about anything.

Here are some examples:
How to make and burn Music/Video CD's and DVDís
How to make Photo Albums for your Friends and Family
How to run a website with your photo's or online diary
How to make labels in Microsoft Word
How to make regular backups of your Data

Computer software instruction is also available in:
  • Windows Operating Systems (95, 98, ME, 2000, XP)
  • Email and Internet Difficulties (Broadband & Dial up)
  • Removing / Preventing Viruses
  • Cleaning, Optimizing, Improving PC Performance
  • Networking
  • Hardware/Software Installations
  • Digital Cameras, Scanners, Printers
  • Memory Upgrades
  • CD Recording, & Imaging Software
  • Microsoft Office (97, 2000, XP, 2003)
  • Microsoft Word / Excel / PowerPoint / Outlook
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver
  • Microsoft FrontPage
  • General Troubleshooting

  • Virus / Spyware Removal & Prevention
    Do you think your computer is acting a little strange lately? Well, you could be right. In fact, you might have a Virus! Don't worry this happens to all of us. Yes, even us! (Although it is extremely rare.) Most of us go about our daily routine and don't really stop and think about Viruses, or why we should spend the time to prevent them. We assure you that the first time you get a Virus and you cannot connect to the Internet, or cannot access a particular file, you will be thinking prevention in a hurry. We can scan your system and check for Viruses. If we find it we can remove it. In most all cases we can also recover the infected file. However, this isn't always the case. Sometimes a file can be so infected, or corrupt, it is unrecoverable.

    We can show you how to prevent Viruses. We can show you how to make it a regular routine, either controlled by you or automated. Help is here!

    Wireless Solutions
    So you want to sit on your couch and work on your laptop? You have heard all your colleagues at work talking about how they went to Best Buy and bought a Wireless Router. Well guess what, that is great. BUT, too many folks out there come home and open the box and just install it, or they try to. If you do not know what you are doing you could be opening up a can of worms for yourself. You are at a great security risk if you do not know how to configure your wireless settings correctly. Wireless is a great tool, provided you use it with caution. As with anything being transmitted by radio, you are exposed to some risk. This risk is no more than say, running Windows itself, but you must be secure. We can install, configure and troubleshoot security for any of your wireless needs. It is more than just opening the box and plugging it in. Too many folks out there are running their "out of the box" wireless connections wide open. This invites malicious behavior. An open wireless connection is just as visible as if we were sitting next to you!

    New Computer, Laptop and Server Sales
    We build and test new computers at our location. All parts are top quality and we never over charge for parts like most small shops. Our goal is to make you happy and give the most computer for your money. Whether it is a standard work at home type computer, to a super gamer system or a video editing behemoth, we can build it. We only construct custom computers for our customers. Generally, we can build you the SAME or BETTER computer system, than that of the big computer manufacturers... (Dell, Acer, HP, Compaq, etc)

    One difference is that we build each computer for you with a "date of assembly certificate".

    So what is a "date of assembly certificate"?
    The "date of assembly certificate" is everything about your specific computer. The build date, the parts list, the software titles installed and the configuration you desired. We keep this on record, so if we ever get called about your computer, we already know what you have. This saves time for both of us. You don't need to know every nook and cranny about your computer, when we do. This helps us troubleshoot or repair your computer in record time. All new computers are also imaged onto our server. This allows us to restore your computer to its original state in less than 30 minutes. Some of the big companies do this with restore disks, but with no directions! We handle it all!

    Donít have a "date of assembly certificate"?
    We can assist you in making one for ANY computer. Find out EXACTLY what you have inside of your computer without opening the case!

    Domain / Email / FTP / Web Hosting
    We offer and can provide solutions for you that will satisfy whatever needs you have, whether simple or complex. We can register your favorite domain name for you and host it if you like. Or we can set you up to host your own site! This could be,, or even

    . Whatever your desire, we can accomplish it for you. If you even wanted to maintain and host your own email accounts, so that you eliminate loosing or having your email changed or turned off on you. (Comcast, RoadRunner, Earthlink, AOL) If any company that hosts your current email account(s) goes out of business, or gets bought out, you may lose your email address forever. If you host your own, you own the name and the domain. Or maybe you just want to have a few photo's up to share with friends and family, we can do that too.

    Sometimes people need a bit more. We can do that too. Lets say youíre tired of copying over files or bringing disks home from work. We can show you how to send files home, or retrieve files from home. Of course, we also need to analyze your work environment, but 9 times out of 10 we can accomplish the desired results.

    Data Backup Solutions
    While most of us feel that we don't need to backup our data or spreadsheets or bills, in reality we really should. The biggest reason of course, is that the loss of your information was more about all the hours you spent on it, rather than maybe what it was. Some examples of this are; bills / financial statements, Family Photo's, Work Documents, Program Data, Email, Operating System Preferences, and Bookmarks.

    We classify backups in 2 categories:
    Incremental Backups:
    Tape Drives, CDR/CDRW, DVD, Removable Media or ZIP
    Full System Backups:
    Second Copy, True Image, Backup Magic, Norton GHOST, BackUp Executive

    Additionally, if your not using a battery backup on EVERY computer in your home and/or office, you should be! Surge protection only does HALF the job and WILL leave your computer vulnerable to permanent damage!

    While specific pricing for package system support or maintenance contracts is set on a negotiable basis, we do offer some standard rates for support on an ďas-neededĒ scale.

    Our pricing structure includes:
    In shop PC Diagnostic & Repair
    Onsite PC Diagnostic and Repair
    Onsite Network Support & Repair
    Telephone Help Desk Support
    Software Support Packages Available

    Please contact us for more information.

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